A standing mechanical universal equinoctial ring dial signed Heath & Wing London

A standing mechanical universal equinoctial ring dial, 16 inches high, in giltered and silvered steel signed « Heath & Wing, Strand, London » c. 1760.

Over 100 names of cities all over the world are engraved with their latitude on the meridian ring which is supported by pillars above a rack-and-pinion-geared horizontal circle that surrounds a magnetic compass equipped with a pair of bubble levels and adjustable by screws. Pivoting to brackets fixed to the ring, a bar, with declination scale, months and zodiac, bears a hole through which the sunlight can fall on the hour scale, giving then the local solar time.

Thomas Heath was a leading London maker who trained notable apprentices, the last one being Tycho Wing whom he took into partnership with, in 1753.

Dimension : 40 cm high.