Reference book "La Fleur du Mal" on tobacco objects

Reference book "La Fleur du Mal, cinq siècles d'objets d'arts autour du tabac" written for our exhibition made in the Trianon de Bagatelle in 1994/1995.

- author : Dominique Delalande.


Summary :

- the tobacco origins

- the arrival in Europe (tobacco rasps, snuffboxes, pipes, jars, ...)

- tobacco and America

- opium objects

- cigarette, lighters, etc..

- meerschaum, amber...

Written in French.


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Also discover "Eros Secret ", a book on curiosa objects of whom Dominique Delalande wrote, in French and English, the tobacco part.


Livre catalogue la Fleur du Mal
La Fleur du Mal, reference book on tobacco objects.