Book Memories of Opiums also written in English

Please find below the summary of our book "Memories of Opiums" written in English and French edited for our exhibition "Memories of Opiums". Book dedicated on request.

- Foreword

- The product opium

- Poppy crop and opium harvesting

- Opium in the West

- China, the beginning of the disaster

- The opium wars

- The collectors

- Ritual of the opium smoker

- As a drug

- Opium and sexuality

- Advice to the opium smoker

- The feelings

- Opium in the XXth century

- Bibliography


Sale price : 75 US$ + shipment cost (possible payment by Paypal).

Memories of Opiums book dedicated on request.

Have a look at some photos of the book Memories of Opiums.

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