Galerie Delalande Paris

Antique unusual astrolabe in wood bearing the name of the city of “LYON”.

On the unique plate the following inscriptions « Horizon – obliques - Tropicus cancri sine crepusculi – Aequinoctialis - elevatio pol 45 deg. 15. min – lyon – Tropicus capricorni – Septentrio ».

At the back: yearly references from 1634 until 1666 and over.

No inscriptions in the mater.

The original suspension piece, the shackle and the ring are in brass.

A hardy visible old restore on the rete.

Dimensions: 27,2 cm total diameter - 21,9 cm plate diameter - 33,2 cm total high.

France Lyon, circa 1633.

Reference: D/M

Price and additional photos on request.


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