Galerie Delalande Paris

Exceptional sector compass forming a caliber by Johannes Maccarius.

This brass compass/caliper is made up of two arched legs ending in steel spikes.

Note that the points of this compass are very special because they have a double function: that of a classic dry-point compass and that of a caliber with its very small points arranged perpendicularly.

The upper part of the compass, octagonal in shape, ends in a ball head.

At the base of this part, there is an arc (or sector) riveted to one of the legs while the other is pierced with a rectangular hole allowing the passage of the arc which ends in a head in the shape of a truncated pyramid. The four sides of the arch are engraved in different scales.

This type of compass/caliber, of a remarkable rarity, was used not only for architectural work but also for military needs.

With its arched legs, it combines the function of a classic dry-point compass, but very elaborate here, since the opening is controlled very precisely by the graduations of the arc, with that of a caliber that allows very precise measurement. precisely angles, lengths but also the diameter of different objects made of various materials and in particular the caliber of the guns and the weight of the balls.

Signature: “Ioannes Maccari Mir[andolanus] Fecit 1691” is engraved on each side of the arc, “Ioannes Maccari” at one end and “Mir[andolanus] Fecit 1691” at the other end.

Condition: Exceptional. This compass/caliber has been very well preserved and is in perfect working order.

Provenance : Private collection, Europe / Collection Delalande, Paris.

Dimensions: length of 25 cm x width of 9 cm x thickness of 2.4 cm.

Italy, Modena, 1691.

Reference : D ex VD 1

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