Galerie Delalande Paris

Pair of terrestrial and celestial floor globes signed Cary London dated 1816 for the celestial and 1816/1838 for land.

Each globe rests on a mahogany tripod foot inside which is embedded a compass whose bottom is covered with a paper representing a compass rose with 2 directions.

The paper is signed "J & W Cary STRAND LONDON".

Each of the globes is fit together in its brass meridian (graduated four times from 0 to 90 degrees), itself embedded in the equatorial table. At the level of the North Pole there is a time circle in brass graduated I-XII twice in Roman numerals.

*The celestial globe represents all the constellations in polychromy with their name and all the main stars according to their magnitude. The main circles are all represented (Northern Arctic Circle, Celestial Equator, Ecliptic, …). Very high precision of the graduations ecliptic level. Presence of two cartouches:

- one oval corresponding to the signature "Cary’s new celestial globe, on which…. London: made and sold J & W Cary Strand March 1816”,

- the other rectangular corresponding to the legend with the magnitude scale from 1 to 9.

*The terrestrial globe representing all the continents with a very detailed cartography.

Also present are the main maritime routes and the main voyages of the 18th century.

He also includes at the level of the Pacific, between the two tropics, the roller coaster corresponding to the equation of time. All major circles are engraved (Arctic Circle North, Terrestrial Equator, Ecliptic, meridians, latitudes…).

- The cartouche corresponding to the signature located in the North Atlantic: “Cary’s new terrestrial globe, exhibiting…. London: made and sold J & W Cary Strand March 1st 1816with corrections and additions to 1838”.

Condition : very good.

Dimensions: total height of +/- 115 cm x diameters of +/- 60 cm (table) and +/- 46 cm (= 18 inches/globes).

London dated 1816/1838.

Reference : D ex BT

Price and additional photos on request.