Galerie Delalande Paris

Brass equatorial ring signed « J. (Joseph) Jackson Fecit ».

The meridian circle, on the signature side, bears a latitude scale 90-0-90. On the other side a scale graduated from 0 to 90 centred on the pin hole on the opposite side.

The hour ring graduated on one side from I to XII twice and subdivided by 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 7,5 minutes. Inside the same divisions.

The central bridge bears on one side the scale of the months and on the other the Zodiac with solar declination, and the mobile cursor in the centre.

Presence of a small mobile throne supporting an iron ring.

Dimensions: diameter of 7,4 cm x height of 10 cm.

England circa 1760.

Reference : SAS 86 B

Price on request.


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