Galerie Delalande Paris

Double plate equinoctial sundial signed “P. Le Maire AParis A la pierre d'aiman " dated around 1720.

The octogonal brass base-plate is supported by a compass and a small brass turned leg.

The upper face is engraved, on two columns, with a list of 16 cities or countries with their latitudes. The compass, fixed with two screws, is engraved with the 8 directions and the four cardinal points (N – E – S – O). A fleur-de-lys in the centre.

The blued-iron needle is fixed on a brass pivot and a glass plate over all. The undersides of the base-plate and the compass are engraved with a list of 21 cities or countries with their latitudes. The spring of the latitude arc is engraved with a leaf decoration.

The brass hour-plate, octogonal, is hinged on the baseplate.

This hour-plate carries an hour-circle graduated clockwise IIII-XII-VIII and subdivided to 15 minutes. It is hollowed out at the south end to allow the reading of the compass and engraved with a foliage decoration and the signature « P. Le Maire AParis A la pierre d’aiman ».

It carries a hinged gnomon engraved with foliage decoration. The underside of this plate is blank


- this sundial is described and illustrated in our book “Cadrans Solaires / Sundials” n° E18 pages 302/303.

- Pierre Le Maire was active in 1672/1745, he is renowned for the mounting of magnet stones, hence his brand name.

Dimensions: length of 7,3 cm x width of 6,5 cm x height of 1,2 cm.

Paris made circa 1720.

Reference : D ex VD 10

Price on request.


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