Galerie Delalande Paris

Round brass sundial signed “HYERONIMVS VVLPARIA . FA (ciebat) 1577”.

On the periphery two concentric circles divided into eight sectors indicating the main winds.

Inside there is a sundial with the hour lines between the two Tropics and its vertical pin hole. A compass with the four cardinal directions and the magnetic declination (the glass and needle are missing). It is surrounded by a compass rose with sixteen directions.

On the opposite side a graduated disc of three concentric circles corresponds to Epacques.

Diameter: 11.1 cm.

Florence dated 1577.

Nota :

– Main activity between 1554 and 1590 in Florence

– Very rare early Italian signature

– It is the largest sundial known signed HYERONIMVS VVLPARIA

– This sundial has been exhibited in Beijing/China in 2010 and is illustrated in the book “Encounter Between Civilizations in Ming Dynasty China”.

Reference : D ex KL 7

Price and additional photos on request.