Galerie Delalande Paris

Galleries :

- Since June 2015, our main gallery is located at the 35 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris in the antic shops area "Le Carré Rive Gauche"

- Since March 2021, second gallery located at 8 rue de Beaune, 75007 Paris (40 meters from the main gallery)

- at Paris Louvre des Antiquaires between October 1978 and May 2015

- Gallery in Place des Antiquaires New-York 1987-1993

- Showcase at the Ritz Hotel, Place Vendôme, Paris between June 2016 and September 2018


International fairs :

- TEFAF Maastricht in June 2022 (photos available), March 2020 (photos available), March 2019 (photos available), March 2018 (photos available), March 2017 (photos available) and March 2013 (photos available)

- TEFAF New-York Fall (Park Avenue Armory) in October 2018 (photos available) and in October 2017 (photos available)

- Biennale des Antiquaires in the Paris Grand Palais in September 2017 (photos available), 2016 (photos available), 2014 (photos available), 2012 (photos available), 1988, 1986, 1984 and 1982

- Marine stand at the Salon du Collectionneur Grand Palais Paris 2009 (photos available)


Expert, clubs and partnership :

- Eric Delalande is Administrator of the French Experts National Company (Compagnie Nationale des Experts) and expert in marine, tobacco and opium specialities.

- Collaboration with numerous French, European and International museums (listing on request)

- Unique partner of AAMM (French Marine Museum association), an association of the French Maritime Museum (Musée de la Marine) located Place du Trocadéro Paris

- Unique partner of Amerami, an association of the French Maritime Museum (Musée de la Marine) located Place du Trocadéro Paris

- Eric and Dominique Delalande are experts at Christies for shipmodels sales (photos available)

- Yacht Club de France member

- Scientific Instrument Society (SIS) member


Exhibitions :

- September 2019 : exhibition on the Official painters of the Roux family of Marseille (photos available)

- October 2017/March 2018 : participation of the Delalande Gallery to the exhibition "Under Time's Spell" in Gand with the loan of some high quality scientific instruments (photos available)

- October 2015 : exhibition Hourglasses of the Past (110 sandglasses exhibited from 15th to 19th century) in our gallery located 35 rue de Lille 75007 Paris (photos available)

- June/July 2014: exhibition on French official marine painters at the Yacht Club de France (photos available)

- February/July 2014 : participation of the Delalande Gallery to the French Maritime Museum exhibition "Le voyage de l'obélisque" (the Obelisque journey) by lending them a beautiful watercolour of our collection (photos available).

- May/July 2014 : participation of the Delalande Gallery at the exhibition in the Roche-Guyon castle "Un rêve de Lumières" with the loan of high quality scientific instruments (photos available).

- December 2013 / January 2014 : exhibition "Pocket and Table sundials" in Le Louvre des Antiquaires (December 2013 - January 2014) with a reference book "Cadrans Solaires / Sundials" written in French and English.

- September/December 2011 : exhibition "Memories of Opiums" at Le Louvre des Antiquaires Paris (September - December 2011) with a reference book Memories of Opiums written in French and English.

- September/December 2007 : exhibition "Tables de Maisons, Raffinements d'autrefois" : two centuries of Art on Table at Maisons Castle, Maisons-Laffitte during three months in 2007 including a reference book and a three-languages DVD on the matter.

- 1994/95 : Exhibition "La Fleur du Mal" on tobacco artefacts over five centuries at Trianon de Bagatelle Paris during six months in 1994/95 including the writting of a reference book on the matter.




You can also have a look at the last TV and print articles and some videos made on our gallery.