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Reference book "La Fleur du Mal, cinq siècles d'objets d'arts autour du tabac" written for our exhibition made in the Trianon de Bagatelle in 1994/1995.

- author : Dominique Delalande.


Summary :

- the tobacco origins

- the arrival in Europe (tobacco rasps, snuffboxes, pipes, jars, ...)

- tobacco and America

- opium objects

- cigarette, lighters, etc..

- meerschaum, amber...

Written in French.


Book price : 65 euros

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International : 100 euros (arrival in one week)

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Also discover "Eros Secret ", a book on curiosa objects of whom Dominique Delalande wrote, in French and English, the tobacco part.


Livre catalogue la Fleur du Mal