Galerie Delalande Paris

Ceremonial lance carved on narwhal tusk composed of three parts.

The most slender part is sculpted in a partially “godron” twist.

Presence of a silver ring carved in “godrons” followed by a part of a larger diameter carved with straight “godrons” presenting the following warrior attributes: a shield representing a sun, the twisted narwhal tooth, a sword, a flag, a spear, bow and quiver filled with arrows.

All topped with a stylized lion head.

Then a circular guard consolidated by a metal disc, the “godron” periphery and the engraved top of a scene of tournament and coat of arms of Knight, marked in the coat of arms “I G III”.

The narwhal handle entirely carved with straight “godrons” ending with a “godron” ball knob decorated with water leaves.

The whole coated with a sculpture representing a Celtic warrior in battle dress (chest protector, shield, sword) wearing his lion fur.


- Museum piece : never saw another one in Museum collections

- Exceptional work probably made in honor of a knight.

Dimensions: length of 174.5 cm x diameter of the guard of 10.4 cm.

Germany or Switzerland, XVIIIth / XIXth century.




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