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Pocket globe signed by its English inventor Joseph Moxon (1627-1691), hydrographer to Charles II, who worked on Ludgate-hill, at the sign of « Atlas ».

In its cover spherical case in leather and silver.

Dimensions : +/- 7 cm diameter.

Reference : British Library London « 16 Pocket Globe, c. 1679 Joseph Moxon - Engraved 7 cm with following text : « His pocket globes started a tradition in England, and subsequent globe-makers continued to produce them until well into the nineteenth century. Moxon’s globes are now very rare ».

NB. : It is for the smallest globes that Moxon is best known as inventor of the pocket globe which appeared in the 1670.This terrestrial pocket globe shows the tracks of Sir Francis Drake and Thomas Cavendish and California is depicted as an island.

The celestial gores are concave, but in fact the constellations appear reversed from the way we see them when we look up from the earth, as though they have been drawn to fit a common celestial globe.

He produced the first English language dictionary devoted to mathematics.

Similar : Adler Planetarium, Chicago (inv. A 253) and few other museums namely : Kunstgewerbe Museum, Berlin – Huntington Library, California - British Library, London – Landesmuseum, Kassel, Germany – Whipple Museum, Cambridge.

London 1669 /1680.


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