Galerie Delalande Paris

Please find below the information relative to the book we wrote for our exhibition "Hourglasses of the Past" which occurred in our gallery between the 7th and the 31st of October 2015 (110 hourglasses exhibited as from the 15th century).

- title : "Hourglasses of the Past / Sabliers d'Autrefois / Clessidre d'Altri tempi"

- authors : Anna, Dominique and Eric Delalande

- One single book completely wrote in English, French and Italian.

- 85 hourglasses described with photo in the book

- 400 pages (polychromy) / 1,5 kilo

- Dimension : 21 x 27 cm

- Summary (see below): 1) Historical 2) Hourglasses and Vanities 3) The hourglass at Sea, a Vital Necessity 4) The Log Hourglasses 5) Hourglass Manufacturing (Frames, Flasks and Bulbs, Sands) 6) The Mistery of the Regular Sand Flow in an Hourglass 7) Some Valuation Criteria (Main Families, Signs, Signatures, Makers, Appraisal, Origins) 8) Remarks on the Content 9) Hourglasses described in the exhibition (85) 10) Chronology 11) Some Hourglasses at Real Size 12) Bibliographic references

- Important information : it is very similar book to the one we wrote on sundials

- Book only for sale at the Delalande Gallery.

- Book price : 100 euros

- Total book price (including conditioning and shipping) :

France : 110 euros (arrival in two days)

Europe : 127 euros (arrival in 3/4 days)

International : 135 euros (arrival in one week)

- Payment via international bank transfer, Paypal or Visa/Mastercard at distance


Also discover many more sand glasses in the dedicated section of our French website : « Sabliers de collection ».