Galerie Delalande Paris

We had the great pleasure to organize the exhibition "Hourglasses of the Past" between the 7th and the 31st of October 2015 in our Paris gallery.


We exhibited around 110 hourglasses between 15th and 19th centuries in order to show the variety and the extreme quality of some of them.


The sandglasses were in :

- ivory

- amber

- turtle

- silver

- gold

- boxwood

- mother-of-pearl

- lacquered, etc...


At this occasion, we published a reference book "Sabliers d'Autrefois, Hourglasses of the Past, Clessidre d'Altri tempi", French, English, Italian, 400 pages with numerous art pictures covering the exhibited items with features covering history, the making techniques and main hourglasses families, between others.


Please find below a small part of hourglasses exhibited in our gallery.


Also discover many more sand glasses in the dedicated section of our French website : « Sabliers de collection ».